Will shoots das boot

Hawaii Tribune-Herald photographer William Ing and I had a private tour aboard the Spirit of Ontario I ferry in Hilo. You can spot William because he usually packing a ton of cameras…let’s see if I got this right: Canon 10D digital, Canon film camera (Rebel?), Canon PowerShot G3, and maybe a Fuji film camera or Voitlander rangefinder thrown-in for good measure.

Just for the record: The “ton of junk” I use includes an Elan 7 with vertical release grip/battery holder (Really a very good film camera–light, accurate, fairly solid, yet doesn’t cost an arm and a leg; too bad they waited till the twilight of the 35mm era before marketing it. Except for a not-too-swift 1/125th synch speed and a not-so-silent shutter, it’s altogether a much better value for the money than the A2. BTW, like any self-respecting shooter, I wouldn’t be caught dead with a friggin’ silver Rebel hanging from my shoulder.); a Powershot G-4; a Rollei Prego point and shoot; and a Voigtlander Bessa T with 28 f1.9.

There you have it, straight from the source. I think William should get an honorary membership into the Boy Scouts as ‘Be Prepared’ appears to be his motto too.

As for silver Rebel cameras, there are a number of shooters that are considering, if not already buying, the Digital Rebel (in silver) as a back-up camera body or as a cheap remote for backboard shots. Wasn’t it David Burnett that used to go around with a bag of Canon AE-1 camera bodies?

Here Will shoots Tim Dick, chairman of Hawaii Superferry. Yeah, they’re going to find a real name for the ships when they arrive in Hawaii two years from now. You can see Will wearing some HS swag on his noggin’

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