I found it!

Okay, so yesterday during lunch I was cruising in the Waimea Salvation Army thrift store, a great place to find good stuff cheap, and I came across a bunch of these coffee cups. They’re the perfect size to fit into my cappuccino machine! The downspout of the machine is so low that a normal coffee cup won’t fit under there, but this one has plenty of room and is the perfect size for a cup of cappuccino or espresso. Noritake china and it was only $0.25 for the cup and $0.25 for the saucer.

Okay one confession for those who fly first class often. It says United Airlines on the bottom of the cup and saucer. These coffee sets were made especially for UAL but I’m guessing they either changed their chinaware on board or because of new terrorist safety regs they just use paper cups. They also have a bunch of UAL silverware in the thrift store since metal knifes are now out on airlines.

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