Return to another universe

Dropped into C.C. Jon’s Snack-in Shoppe again in Honokaa but this time for the benefit of Karen to check it out herself. I had written about the shop before in an earlier blog post.

Here’s a look at thier menu of local kine grindz. This time there were no school kids at the shop since it’s summertime and a Saturday at that. But the place still has its charm and there’s even a very large poster photo on the wall from a magazine article that looks like a Norman Rockwell painting of the shop capturing the atmosphere.

Karen had a burger while I had brought my own lunch which they said it was okay to eat in the shop. I did order a diet coke with vanilla syrup in it which was a nice treat. Karen said that this was her kind of burger. I’ll have to try one next time I’m in the shop.

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