“Best pork chops in town.”

That’s the slogan for the Manago Hotel in Captain Cook. And yes, they DO have the best pork chops in town.

I didn’t have any tonight, I was just passing through town but stopped to get a snap of their colorful neon sign. Karen says one of their secrets to the pork chops is the cast iron skillet they use for cooking, no doubt this is a big factor, no need for iron supplements when eating here. I think Manago also has their own piggery behind the hotel somewhere, this probably adds to the freshness of the pork chops.

Squealing in the morning, sizzling in the skillet at night. For those who don’t dig on swine, they also serve very good fresh fish, maybe it’s the pork chop residue in the skillet?

One peculiar thing about the way they serve food at Manago is that you order, then they bring out your rice, mac salad, tsukemono, and corn or beans (canned corn or blue lake cut green beans I think). So you have all of this sitting in front of you sans the pork chops (or fish, or New York steak, or whatever your ordered). So you get to stare at all these fixings waiting for the main protein to arrive. When I first took my folks there we were all so hungry and didn’t know the drill so we scarfed everything down in front of us. The waitress was surprised when the pork chops arrived and we had eaten what was supposed to accompany it. She was very nice and brought us more rice to go with the food.

If you’re in Kona stay at the Manago hotel and have some pork chops, just don’t pig-out before the pork arrives.

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