A Bug’s Life

What happens when you leave part of a sugar cookie on a desk for two days? You make a lot of friends that bug you. Found this on the desk in the Waimea office Sunday morning, our open house with cookies and goodies was Friday so that was about two full days. This piece must have fallen off a tray at the end of the day. Reminds me of Uncle Milton’s Ant Farm that I had as a kid.

Thousands of ants carrying away cookie crumbs and specks of sugar across the desk, down the desk leg and across the floor to somewhere I’m not sure. Spent some time cleaning it all up, or as much as I could, to make the area relatively ant-free. Might be time for some ant bait traps.

Like I always say, if you can’t stand bugs you can’t live in Hawaii. Roaches the size of matchbox cars, gekos like little dinosaurs, moths like bats flying around, etc. As Axel Rose said, “you’re in the jungle baby.”

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