Volcano assignment

Okay, not as exciting as it sounds. Had an assignment today with Betsy, our new reporter, at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. They remodeled their vistor’s center. So no photos of lava spewing into the ocean, or rocketing up in the air, sorry. Lava is going into the ocean but it’s just a trickle and quite a hike from the road plus you have to wait till sunset for a good view, we didn’t have the time.

Betsy’s first trip to HVNP so we stopped at the steam vents. Not good for camera lenses unless you like that fog filter effect.

Lunch at the Lava Rock Cafe in Volcano Village then back to Kona for deadlines. it’s a two hour trip to get from the office to HVNP without any stops so over four hours of driving today.

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