‘That’s that mattress-man’ – from Punch-Drunk Love

Today’s New York Times online has a story about Steve Jobs, Apple Computer CEO, calling Errol Rose, the father of the 15 year-old boy that was stabbed and killed for his iPod. Jobs was gracious and provided some solace to the boy’s father and I applaud him for his efforts.

I’ve emailed Apple several times over the past year or so asking them to put a security combination on the iPod so that it would be rendered useless if stolen. I’m disgusted that such a simple addition to the iPod’s software hasn’t been added while they have games and photo capabilities on the iPod. How about adding a security function like my Palm PDA? The iPod has a feature to store all of my address book on it. Why would I do that when some thief would have access to all that if it was stolen?

Studies have shown that most of the thieves stealing the iPods use it themselves instead of selling it. We need to start a petition to get Apple to put some security in the iPod software. One person dying for a music gizmo is one person too many. We need to tell Apple ‘that’s that’ we ain’t going to take it anymore, don’t ask for a security feature, demand it. Start by doing it here:

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