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Next month is National Novel Writing Month. The website to go to is:

But if you are an Earthlink user their DNS Servers don’t have the correct IP Address propagated to them so if you’re an Earthlink user you probably can’t get to the correct website. This problem with Earthlink will tend to direct you to a placeholder page for domains. Here is the work-around as posted in the forum.

I have informed Earthlink via their support chat system so they’re working on the problem and it should be resolved soon. I’m just posting the info here so it can Googled to spread the work-around solution. (Keywords: Earthlink GoDaddy problem error dns solution answer

————snipped from the forum——————

Earthlink users are having trouble accessing NaNoWriMo.

This is because Earthlink’s DNS servers are not giving the correct IP address for (actually, about 1 in 10 lookups are correct, so you will occasionally get lucky…)

I’ve contacted all the Earthlink emails I could find for reporting this kind of thing, but I haven’t gotten any response from them.

Here is what I’m asking everyone with this problem to do:

1. Call Earthlink Customer Service and let them know what’s wrong. They’re obviously not listening to me. Maybe they’ll listen to a couple thousand of you.

2. Set up alternate DNS servers so that you can access the NaNoWriMo site. This is pretty easy to do, but if you’re not comfortable with these instructions, ask a geeky friend!

Please let me know if this doesn’t work, or if you have any suggestions for improving these instructions.



Good advice on setting up DNS servers on Windows can be found here:

Here are some public nameservers that can be used instead of Earthlink’s:

Level3 Nameservers (fast) (fast)

SpeakEasy Nameservers


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