A year late

SportsShooter Luau 2003

SportsShooter Luau 2004

It’s only been about a year since I went to L.A. for the Luau and Workshop. I had the video clips and stills sitting around on my external hard drive and only got around to editing it in iMovie now. Better late than never I guess. I didn’t really shoot much video or stills as I was too busy during the workshop taking notes, chatting with friends so I had to mix in some stills with the video.

In the video you can see how simple it is for Maxim Magazine to light their models for that shiny, slick look. They just use a flash unit that blasts into what looks like a mirrored parabolic satellite dish.

I was planning on going to a smaller workshop they’re holding this year in place of the usual big luau extravaganza but decided to cancel my travel plans to catch up on things here since I was thrown for a loop last month by being sick.

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