Have a Merry Kal-Bi and a Happy Soju

Glennon gets ready to dig into some Korean food at Club Korea (aka the former Koreana 2).

We almost cracked this open the bottle of Jinro Soju to drink, then we found out it was gonna cost us $50 for that bottle. We drank beer.

Mike and I try to find some Eagles songs in their karaoke books.

How do you say Life in the Fast Lane or Desperado in Korean? Most of the book was written in Korean, we finally found some sections with English, and even some Eminem. *update* I’ve been informed by Maile that the writing on the top is in Korean the song titles below Chinese. WTF?

Katherine (sp?) and Brendan discuss the virtues and monetary values of celebrity barf photos.

After an aborted attempt at a lame Eminem redition by the karaoke laser disc Mike gets it going on another song.

G-Man playing Darth Vader next to his ride.

A video from a previous outing to Koreana 2 a couple years back with Brian. Poor video quality since it’s so dark in there.

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