glass crack
Aaaaaaaarrrrrrrhhhhh! I was driving on the Queen K. Hwy headed to Costco and I heard a sharp crack. I immediately swore, looked up to my windshield and saw that something had impacted and cracked my windshield to the right of my mirror. I immediately looked in my side mirror but saw normal traffic headed the other way and the car in front of my was pretty little. Something got tossed my way from another vehicle probably to hit it that hard. I never saw it coming as it wasn’t near my immediate field of view.

So now I’ve got this crack in my new car’s windshield. Maybe there’s one of the glass docs that can somehow put something on or in it so it won’t spread. In any case it looks like maybe I’ll be getting a new windshield sometime. This place delivers a quote of about $288 to replace the windshield.

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