What the hay Ebay?

FileMaker Pro 6
I had posted on Ebay my FileMaker Pro 6 for sale. The 7 day auction went for two days then Ebay stopped the auction saying it violated some kind of rule as specified by FileMaker. They never explained what the rule was, I assumed their dumb robots were trolling the auctions and came across the word “academic” in my auction description where I say that the software ISN’T the academic version. So I reposted the auction and after two days that one too was struck down.

So now I’m trying CraigsList in the computers section. We’ll see if I can just bypass Ebay. If anyone out there wants it I’m selling it for $150.00. The last one that sold on Ebay went for over $180.00 so that’s a $30 savings even if I could post it.

*UPDATE* Sold! Thanks to Craigslist! And no Ebay fees to deal with. My post in the Big Island section of Craigslist didn’t do a thing so I cross-posted it in the San Francisco section since that’s the default area for Craigslist and got it sold within a week. There, I feel better now.

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