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Tsunami Surge

Japan quake surge at Kawaihae Harbor
The ocean surges out and into Kawaihae Harbor due to the Japan earthquake. Click to view bigger image.

Tsunami Surge Video at Kawaihae Boat Ramp
The 8.2 magnitude Japanese earthquake affected ocean conditions in Hawaii. In the early morning hours of Saturday the ocean was calm but suddenly there would be surges that would drain the ocean down then it would rise up. It was dark but you could hear the roaring surf coming. This would repeat over and over, calm, then surges. The ocean got so high it sent waves spilling over the breakwater near the north boat ramp at Kawaihae Harbor. Seeing how the ocean acted was kind of spooky. If you’re ever in an earthquake and near the ocean, run, you don’t want to deal with crazy wave action. This is just a little bit of the video.

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