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Some Windoze fanboy illegally used an image from this blog (notice the copyright designation in the sidebar? And I DO send in all my images to the copyright office with Copyright Form VA). They used it to bash Macs about them crashing, yeah, all computers crash.

So since he’s hijacking the image from my server.
Here’s fanboy’s site before.

And here’s fanboy’s site after I changed the image on my server.

Hey, if someone wants to go on a rant about something, fine, I’m all for the first amendment. I’ve bashed both Windows (I own a Dell) and Mac (I own a Mac), but get a life, take your own photos and get your own server space. I do let people use my photos sometimes if they ask nicely first. Like here. And here.

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Hey man, sorry I took your image without asking for permission first. I just did a google image search for "Mac Crash" and right click pasted what I saw first – didn't read the copyright first.

Anyway, I humbly apologize for any angst I may have caused you, and have a nice day.

Come on Baron – feel sorry for these poor Windows fans. I mean, rooting for Windows is like being a fan of the K-Car. It just ain't cool.

Macs are still superior. Plus, chicks dig 'em.

But I do think Mac, addressing its decades-long inferiority complex about being slower than PCs, has compromised some quality and stability.

Uh, I mean "it just ain't cool."

That being said, my G3 iBook is about to be replaced. I've owned it for more than six years now and, despite the recent iTunes freezes, it's cruised along without a problem.

Hey, whatcha got against a car named the "LeBaron?"

Ha. Notice how most people who spew long diatribes about computers on both Windows and Macs tend to be Windows users? I'm convinced they've been damaged psychologically by the prolonged use of Windows. Most of them are running scared that computers no longer require some elite computer geek to operate. They don't understand that computers are supposed to make our lives easier, not harder. They think something more difficult to use is superior.

Even Bill Gates was recently quoted, "Nowadays, security guys break the Mac every single day. Every single day, they come out with a total exploit, your machine can be taken over totally. I dare anybody to do that once a month on the Windows machine."

I think Gates was referring to Macs that have a Bootcamp partition running Windows in it. Yeah, I'm sure that's full of exploits.

As a user/owner of both operating systems. The MacBook Pro is somewhat cheaper in the long run if you consider Total Cost of Ownership. It comes with tons of applications built-in (does photos and movies out of the box), you can get NeoOffice for free to open/save Microsoft Office documents, you have less to worry about viruses and other Windows nasties. Studies say maybe 1/3-1/2 of the world's Windows machines are under some control of hackers (some are zombies to spam or dos attack systems).

My personal time is worth too much to monkey with Windows (though I know how and have). Tech Windows fanboys love Windows b/c that's how they make their money, feeding off the frustration of Windows users.

Of course you could also run Windows on the MacBook Pro. Just don't install Vista on it or you'll be as screwed as installing Windows on a 'real' PC. Not enough drivers and other stuff for Vista yet.

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