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Travellin’ Man

Alligator Alley

Today a nice drive across Alligator Alley to Naples, Florida for a meet-up with friends. I saw only one alligator on my way across, just saw a jaw open and shut on the calm water in one of the glades areas fenced off from the highway. I also saw some armadillo road-kill in Naples.

Naples, Florida

Naples is kind of a rich, retirement community which explains why most of the trendy shops were closed. I will admit there was lots of free parking available which was nice.

Ice Cream

Got to have lunch with friends and fellow members Jenna and Ed in a blazing hot Naples. Athough there was a slight breeze there, it was slight nonetheless. Hot and humid and you can even see my ice cream dripping away. We got to talk about photography,  multimedia, alligator sightings and life in Florida. Great to get together with other shooters.

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I love the sight of an open road. It looks like it goes forever, you can go anywhere! I've never seen an alligator in the wild. I bet that's cool!

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