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RIP Terry

Terry K. with Chopper 2

Terry K. with Chopper 2

Just found out a couple of days ago that Chopper 2 pilot Terry K passed away while on duty at the fire station. I was lucky enough to get to fly with him as a photographer and not as a patient in the Medevac helicopter.

Terry K as we fly over Kahaluu Beach Park in Chopper 2

Last saw him having a good time in Waikoloa dancing with wife Joan. Actually I probably saw him after that but it’s kind of hard to tell who is up in those helicopters when they fly overhead.

I’m sure he’s used to the view from where he is now.

A fly-by of helicopters honoring Terry K. at Old Kona Airport Park past a ceremony on June 8, 2008.

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I know that this is from so long ago but I want to thank you for posting this. Terry was my father and today is my daughter's 1 year b-day that he is unfortunately not here for. I miss him terribly but it was nice to see a video of him doing what he loves to do. Thank you so much, the picture and video was much needed.

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