*sniff* something’s rank here, must be me

Out of curiosity I entered my blog address into a site called BlogRank and strangely enough it ranked in the top 10 for Hawaii under the ‘ultimate rank’ category.

I think I owe it to the way these crazy ranking programs work. I used to post a photo a day which is why this blog has so many posts and that helped to drive the ranking up. Plus I have a few tutorials on the blog so people find this site through various links. Note that you won’t find a link to this blog from my top level domain page.

I’m ranked like #6 for number of pages posted. I only need to suddenly post 1,400 new entries or so to take the #5 spot. Of course this is considering if the #5 blogger drops dead, ends up in prison without internet access or qualifies as a conestant on Survivor as I doubt their numbers will stay frozen.

I’d need to post 55K entries to get to the top spot on number of pages posted. That ain’t going to happen.

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