The BOOK CLIP - guaranteed to keep your Book Open !
Canadian Invention - Thousands sold Worldwide - Makes a Great Gift
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There are over 3 Billion readers in the world - the market is HUGE

Stand the book up Lay the book flat
Stand the Book up
Lay the Book Flat

Clip Book at botttom
Clip the Book at the bottom
The TAPER makes it work, it provides the clipping of the pages.
See the picture of the "End View" a few lines down.

A Unique Gift for someone who loves to read !
A useful Birthday Christmas or Hospital gift!
for PAPERBACKS or HARDCOVER BOOKS - it is also a bookmark

If you want to keep your BOOK open and your hands free for other things, this is the product for YOU. This is a patented, simple, portable, and workable device to keep a book open. It clips the pages of the book (either on the top right hand side or bottom left hand side) with the long narrow see through part extending across the middle to the opposite side to keep the book open.

The BOOK CLIP is made of durable, transparent plastic. This ingenious device works equally well with PAPERBACK books, HARD COVER books, or MAGAZINES. This is a great, inexpensive GIFT.

We get many repeat orders from satisfied customers. When they find how useful the Book Clip is, they order more for their friends and family.
Here is some feedback we have received:
  • Received book clips. Very nice, as advertised.
  • The Book Clip is very easy to use ...
  • Thanks for a well made product (from a design engineer)
  • it's a super-practical and great invention !!!
  • How can you make any money selling them so cheap?
  • I am handicapped. This is the best.
  • It's a really great idea.
  • I got my book clips 2 days ago. I like them very much.
  • Thank you. It is a terrifc item, I have had it for less than 48 hours, and already I am addicted.
  • People love this product.
  • Ordered some awhile ago and they're great. Thanks for a good product.
  • I'm disabled and have trouble holding a book. These combined with a pillow type holder meet most of my needs for hardcover books.
  • What a good idea.
  • I keep them all over the house so I always have one handy.
  • I've ordered some more, I like to use them with my cookbooks too.
  • These are just great!
  • The bookclip is a winner.
  • Whenever I use my book clip in public, people comment on what a great idea it is!
  • I have received the book clips and I like them a lot. Thank You
  • A simple and intelligent invention. Why didn't I invent it myself?
  • The book clips arrived in good shape and work like you have promised.


As shown in the picture, open the book and then clip approximately 30 pages. (Either at top right hand side or bottom left hand side) and let the long narrow part extend across the middle (spine) to the opposite side. It is easiest to clip the pages along the side rather than the top, and then slide the Book Clip up and around the top.

To turn the page, just slide the Book Clip up until the page is free to turn. (The back part is longer than the front. Don't take the back part right out). Reinsert the Book Clip by sliding the long narrow part down first.

To use it as a BOOKMARK, just clip the pages on the side. Clip more pages for a better grip.

With just a little practice, the page turning becomes automatic and does not interfere at all with the reading.

This ingenious device works equally well with PAPERBACK books, HARD COVER books, or MAGAZINES.

How To Use
1- Clip side 2- Slide around corner 3- Slide to other side
1- Clip Side
2- Slide around corner
3- Slide to other side

Front & Side View
Front View End View
Front View (6" long)
End View

Use as a BookMark
Use as a bookmark
To use as a BookMark, clip the side

Here are some uses for the Book Clip:
  • It's great in the kitchen for keeping Cookbooks open to the recipe you need without losing your place.
  • Use it in the office to keep your computer/reference manuals open.
  • Use it in School or the Library for those research projects where you have to keep several books open.
  • It's great for reading while you're eating.
  • Use it in the shop to keep the reference manual open to the page you need so you can concentrate on what you're doing.
  • It's great on trips ( train, airplane, boat, car).
  • Use it in your Hotel room.
  • Handy for nursing mothers who like to read.
  • When you need a small gift for the Office Christmas party.
  • Use it with your excercise machine.
  • Use it in your home or on the beach.
  • It's great for reading in bed, at home or in the hospital.
  • This is a great CHRISTMAS stocking stuffer.
  • A nice gift for a bedridden friend or relative.

If the Book Clip is placed on the top portion of the book (as shown), the book can actually stand on its own. This is especially useful for cook books or reference manuals.

The BOOK CLIP also acts as a convenient book mark when you're finished reading. Just clip the pages on the side.

HOW TO ORDER the Book Clip:
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There are over 3 Billion readers in the world - the market is HUGE