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Water Power

Run a car on water? Electrolysis which is slow, that would explain why the car is a water-gas hybrid since it may not produce enough hydrogen gas in time for your drive. But do you want to drive around with a tank of hydrogen in your car? Remember the Hindenberg? I like Millenium Cell’s idea […]

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We’re a movin’ on up…

Gas prices in Kona continue to climb. My car took over $56 to fill-up it’s tank. Aloha Airlines recently had a special to fly from Sacramento to Hawaii for $60. How you figure?


The idles of March

My 1999 Chevy Tracker has had an idle problem for almost a year now, yeah a whole year. The problem is that although the engine runs fine the idle speed gets too low and the engine wants to die. There’s no adjustment like the old days to set the idle, it’s all computer controlled and […]

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