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Bubba Boilers, the start of the decline

Some of these folks started earlier but my start was with them at Bubba Gumps for some Bubba Boilers with top-shelf shots, went old-school with the Polaroid.


Drunk and Dooce-Effected

A few photos from St. Patrick’s Day (nite?) at Mixx Bistro. I ran the Dooce-Effect on the photos.

Peggy and Travis kicking back.

Shots of Jameson’s Irish Whiskey. We may not all be Irish but after a few of these shots who cares?

Happy St. Pat’s, Semper Fi and all that good stuff.

Mike and Glennon listening for the Irish music. Or was it Metallica?

Betsy in green.

And yes, there were some Irish Car Bombs consumed, though I got there pretty late which is probably good as someone decided to test their airbags on Hualalai Road by hitting a telephone pole and guardrail. I came upon the accident scene probably 30 minutes or less after it happened, took some photos and put them into the newspaper’s system before walking over to the bar. A photographer’s work is never done.

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Thanksgiving 2005 in South Kona

Some Thanksgiving Day Cams. Click on above image for video.

Mike cuts up the Turkey, the ‘real’ turkey, not the Tofukery Travis had for dinner.

Travis with all the great food he and especially Peggy put together for Thanksgiving dinner.

Joe and Carolyn make an attempt to put a dent into the vast amount of food we had as fabulous chef Peggy reaches in on the right.

More desserts than we could eat. We were more stuffed than the turkey by this point.