Rulers v1.2 for Palm OS

Rulers provides Palm OS users with an on-screen ruler to measure small objects. There are several files which allow support for different Palm OS PDA units.


If you like this program and find it useful drop me an email.

Multiplier v1.5 for Palm OS

By Baron Sekiya
© Copyright 2003


If you like this program and find it useful drop me an email.

Multiplier is an application to determine equivalent fields of view using a digital SLR camera. Yes, you could use a calculator but Multiplier makes this job much easier. Added features in v1.5 include more multipliers and the addition of teleconverter and aperture factors.

Note that when using a digital camera with a smaller than film sensor size the image in not actually magnified (multiplied) but actually cropped out of the lens' field of view, but most people refer to this as the multiplier.

1. Find your camera's multiplier in the pop-up database

2. Press your multiplier button for the multiplier calculator

3. Enter your focal lengths in the top field

4 Press 'Calculate' to generate the equivalent information.

If you would like me to add more multipliers please email me and I will update the program.

Reprints v1.0

Note: I am temporarily suspending sales of Reprints as I re-work it to version 1.2 The newer version will differ in its database format so current v1.0 databases will not work *sorry* But the good news is that plans for the new version are for more sorting options, better field layouts and allow for customization by the user.

Reprints is a simple database for photographers to keep track of their photo reprint orders. At some newspapers the responsibility of reprint orders falls upon the photographer himself/herself. Too often the photographer ends up carrying around dozens of of note papers with client names, phone numbers and other information regarding the photo request. If you own a Palm OS device you can keep the information on board and dispense with all the clutter of notepaper.

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