Fish Tacos

Okay, I slacked-off and didn’t really take the time to shoot a photo for myself, but I did take the time to make a fish taco after a long day at work for dinner. Chilie tomato tortilla, cajun ono fish, wasabi macadamia nuts and the fixings. Pretty yummy.

Work had me visiting with a homeless group to ask about a homeless man who was hit and killed by an on-duty police officer in a very early morning driving accident yesterday. Folks couldn’t recall the victim until one of them mentioned something about the seizures the guy suffered from, then suddenly memories appeared clear in the minds of everyone, eyes start to get watery with some but no actual tears are shed. They speak about him like a fallen brother, someone they called a friend, someone they didn’t always get along with, someone who they enjoyed being with, someone who didn’t need to die, and someone they will miss.

The group circles for a pule (prayer) before their lunchtime meal, provided by a local church group, then almost as an afterthought one person mentions the victim’s name and for him to be blessed as they release hands. The reporter coaxes stories about the victim out of people, some don’t want their names mentioned, some don’t want their pictures taken, others speak in anger about the plight of the homeless in Kona, and the system that prolongs their situation.

The site of the accident on Alii Drive looks quite normal upon casual observation with only the flattened, gray-white ash of road flares providing a clue of the location. Closer observation reveals a chalk circle with the words ‘right shoe’ on the road shoulder. Farther down the road is a discarded latex glove from a paramedic or police officer and a faded chalk circle in the center of the road around an ugly dark stain which runs over to the shoulder. There isn’t much to actually see but the mind fills in the blanks pretty well.

That’s it for today, this was supposed to be about fish tacos but work tends to get in the way of my leisure time and meals.

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