Programming sci-tech Tutorial/DIY

How to automate Do Not Disturb on the iPhone using Shortcuts

UPDATE: I just did a meditation session and over 25 minutes later Do Not Disturb was still on so this Sh0rtcut failed. Back to the drawing board and review to see what went wrong. With iOS, iPadOS Apple has given us a way to create automated actions with their app Shortcuts. It’s a powerful tool […]

Tutorial/DIY VR/AR

BoboVR F2 fan disassembly

My BoboVR F2 fan for the Meta Quest 2 VR headset stopped charging/working, and since it was only a couple months old BoboVR support team was great and sent me a replacement. My original F2 was the version that clipped into the facial interface. The replacement is the newer magnetically held on version. Since I […]


Quest 2 Charging Problem Fixed (sort of)

Some of you may have run into the same problem I have, your Quest 2 VR headset (it may be an Oculus or Meta branded) won’t charge past about 52%, for some it may be 55%. In any case you just can’t get it to charge more even if you leave it charging overnight. I […]