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How to automate Do Not Disturb on the iPhone using Shortcuts

UPDATE: I just did a meditation session and over 25 minutes later Do Not Disturb was still on so this Sh0rtcut failed. Back to the drawing board and review to see what went wrong. With iOS, iPadOS Apple has given us a way to create automated actions with their app Shortcuts. It’s a powerful tool […]


Protect yourself from scammers stealing your phone numbers

Scammers have been transferring phone numbers on T-Mobile (though we have heard some other cell carriers are affected too but these are instructions for T-Mobile) out to their own phones so they can exploit any 2-Factor Authentication you use via SMS. This is called number porting when a number is ported over to another account […]

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The last chance to upgrade to Windows 10 for free expires at the end of 2017

PSA for Windows 7 and 8.1 users: Your last chance, via a loophole, to upgrade to Windows 10 for free closes on December 31, 2017. After 2017 you will have to pay $119 for the upgrade to Windows 10. Update now before it’s too late.