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Using the Logitech K830 Bluetooth Keyboard with the Oculus Quest 2 in Virtual Desktop

Pairing a Bluetooth keyboard with the Quest 2 is still an experimental feature, and with Quest 2 firmware v23 re-pairing my Bluetooth keyboard now works well. I was able to get the Logitech K830 Bluetooth Keyboard to pair with my Quest 2. This is a nice keyboard in that it has a built-in trackpad which […]

Announcement wordpress

Shuffling themes

Things may look a bit weird here because anytime WordPress comes out with their yearly theme release I use that for a new theme but it may take a while before I customize it so it looks right. So excuse the construction zone.



If you haven’t tried the latest keto craze the Chaffle you’re missing out. This is where you cook eggs and cheese in a waffle maker so you end up with a facsimile of bread for making sandwiches. The recipe is stupid simple and all you need is a 4″ Waffle Maker that you can get […]

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