Programming sci-tech Tutorial/DIY

How to automate Do Not Disturb on the iPhone using Shortcuts

UPDATE: I just did a meditation session and over 25 minutes later Do Not Disturb was still on so this Sh0rtcut failed. Back to the drawing board and review to see what went wrong. With iOS, iPadOS Apple has given us a way to create automated actions with their app Shortcuts. It’s a powerful tool […]

Programming VR/AR

Using the Logitech K830 Bluetooth Keyboard with the Oculus Quest 2 in Virtual Desktop

Pairing a Bluetooth keyboard with the Quest 2 is still an experimental feature, and with Quest 2 firmware v23 re-pairing my Bluetooth keyboard now works well. I was able to get the Logitech K830 Bluetooth Keyboard to pair with my Quest 2. This is a nice keyboard in that it has a built-in trackpad which […]


SMS Notifications when Compressor 4 is done with batch processing

Apple’s Compressor 4 is a sloth of an app converting videos and it’s a hassle to perodically check to see when it’s done with its batch processing. This tutorial will show you how to create an Apple Automator Workflow in which your computer will send you an email or an SMS notification when the job is […]