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Using the Logitech K830 Bluetooth Keyboard with the Oculus Quest 2 in Virtual Desktop

Pairing a Bluetooth keyboard with the Quest 2 is still an experimental feature, and with Quest 2 firmware v23 re-pairing my Bluetooth keyboard now works well. I was able to get the Logitech K830 Bluetooth Keyboard to pair with my Quest 2. This is a nice keyboard in that it has a built-in trackpad which also works in VR. With v23 of the Quest 2 firmware trackpad taps are now recognized as mouse clicks, though it’s not 100% dependable.

There are some inherent problems due to the underlying Android OS in the Oculus headsets when using the Virtual Desktop VR app.

  1. Android thinks the Windows Logo Key is an Android menu key. So you can’t bring up the Start Menu when you hit the Win key.
  2. Android thinks some key combos with the arrow keys means you want to change the display from landscape to portrait (Ctrl+Alt+ArrowKeys) so we need to avoid that.
  3. These issues make it difficult to switch virtual desktops on the host machine via Ctrl+Win+Arrow(left/right), to use the clipboard history with Win+V, or do Snip & Sketch using Win+Shift+S.


  • Instead of pressing the standalone Windows key, press Ctrl+ESC this will bring up your Start Menu (this is normal on Windows 10).
  • For the rest of the workarounds install AutoHotKey and run the script I created (you can add the script to automatically run at start up) Make sure you use the current release version of AutoHotKey and not the v2 alpha version as some of the script commands may not work.

AutoHotKey commands for Virtual Desktop
Get AutoHotKey

Edit your .ahk script and add these shortcuts or I have the script online here.

^!,::send #^{Left} ; Use Ctrl+Alt+LessThanKey to switch virtual desktops left
^!.::send #^{Right} ; Use Ctrl+Alt+GreaterThanKey to switch virtual desktops right
^+v::send #v ; Use Ctrl+Shift+V to bring-up the clipboard history
^!s::send #+s ; Use Ctrl+Alt+S for Snip & Sketch
^!r::send #r ; Use Ctrl+Alt+R to bring up Run command line
^!x::send #x ; Use Ctrl+Alt+X to bring up Windows+X menu

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