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BoboVR F2 fan disassembly

My BoboVR F2 fan for the Meta Quest 2 VR headset stopped charging/working, and since it was only a couple months old BoboVR support team was great and sent me a replacement. My original F2 was the version that clipped into the facial interface. The replacement is the newer magnetically held on version.

Since I got the replacement, and the old one was broken, I took it apart.

Remove the sticker from the bottom of the F2 unit as this will reveal eight small self-tapping Phillips screws. Remove those screws and pry open from the front of the fan back so it pivots onto the fan’s intake port clips. Make sure you don’t lose the screws, and the power switch is a tiny piece of plastic on the three-position power switch soldered to the circuit board.
As you can see from the photos, the design is both simple and well done. I didn’t attempt a repair beyond unplugging and re-plugging back in the power connectors, still no charging.

So there you go with some photos so you don’t destroy the F2 fan unit should want to take it apart. I have not checked on the newer magnetic version of the F2 fan; I suspect disassembly may be similar.

Happy hacking.

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