Updates TK

This slacking is getting bad, no computer for the past two days then bam…my new PowerBook arrives this afternoon so I wasn’t able to update this blog. Too many applications need to be re-installed on the laptop. Sleep will come first tonight, the blog photo updates will have to wait until tomorrow morning.

Woke up early today to take Maile to the airport for her big trip to China. Six months seems like a long time when we’re standing at the edge of the last day in Kona and the brink of her first day in China. I’m sure her 1/2 year in China will be well spent, filled with adventure and hopefully some time for her to update her blog so we can experience it vicariously. My old laptop found a new home with Maile and will accompany her on the adventure in China. When Karen and I dropped her off at the airport we missed her as soon as she left to stand in line so we went back and gave her an extra hug for the road.

Time to sleep….

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