From Russia with love

Today I got to follow around a Russian girl going to Parker School on the Big Island. Although these photos weren’t really shot on my own personal trip I doubt they’ll get published as they aren’t tack-sharp due to crappy optics I’ve been provided with, plus I turned in other stuff. But the jerky sequence gives you an idea of how she’s a smiley, happy person she is while she’s studying Hamlet by Shakespeare in English class. Her English is actually very good, just hope she doesn’t get ruined by learning Pidgin English.

Bummer that I didn’t have the chance to shoot an actual personal shot today but with just 30 minutes left in the day I don’t think it’s going to happen. And it looks like Karen partially got her wish, her photo got pushed-off the front page of this blog. Banished to the archives along with Brian.

At least I got laundry done while I slaved away at home on the computer. Now that frees-up some playtime for Thursday and Friday. I’ll probably put on my tourist hat on Friday which should produce something for the POTD. Then again we’re supposed to get hit by some rain/snow (on the summits) storm late Friday. Stay tuned, might be a freaky Friday.

And speaking of freaky, if you have a pair of headphones and your computer can play back mp2 sound files listen to this binaural recording of a pair of dogs running around the Aiea loop trail. It won’t work with normal speakers, you have to use headphones, the open air type work the best.

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