*Kau kau with the Kanes

Had dinner tonight with the Kanes. Eliza Kane (that’s her with her daughter Kira) was an intern at the newspaper many moons ago. How things have changed, now she has a two-year old daughter Kira and I’m no longer a vegetarian.

That’s Eliza’s husband Kent playing hide-n-seek around the house after dinner. Had a good time at dinner catching up on things and even got to watch Donald Trump finally fire that gal with the chip on her shoulder on ‘The Apprentice.’ You could see that one coming though she probably lasted this long just so there would be lots of conflict on TV for the cameras. I mean, you could tell right off that Andrei’s paintings were going to do the best sales, they were just the kind of stuff doctors and lawyers put on their office walls. Nothing offensive, nothing to interpret, just pretty colors. Hey, I’m not an art critic but I knew his stuff would sell the best. Meghan’s wacky artwork (which I thought was interesting) didn’t get but one sale, it was too offensive and strange and expensive. Besides, didn’t they consider that nobody would want to be caught buying that stuff on camera? At least the gal that bought the dumb hollow cat painting can sell it on eBay as being part of the show.

Here’s video of Kira just before going to bed (152KB)

*Kau kau, pronounced “cow cow,” means “food,” or “meal” in Hawaiian pidgin. It is also used to mean “to eat,” as in “let’s go kau kau” – “let’s go eat.”

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