Bubbles for the blog

I woke up super-early for this morning’s Easter sunrise service at Old Kona Airport park. Not as many folks as last year, maybe the threatening skies scared folks away due to possible rain. But it didn’t rain and it was a nice service. One of the pastors passed out what he called ‘God’s Bubbles’ to kids who attended and this mom created a stream of bubble for her son the chase after. The photo of her and the son made it into the paper but not to the web.

Later in the day I attended the creation of a huge ice cream sundae at Solid Rock Ministries.

They claimed to have 70 gallons of ice cream in the kiddie pool being used as an ice cream bowl. But I only counted a little over 30 gallons of ice cream, still a lot but not quite halfway to 70 gallons. I did get to eat some of the ice cream after about a hundred kids got in there for their first bowl. Hope their parents were able to make a dent in that giant sundae.

Then it was off to a lunch of Thai food with Karen and Andrea. In the dishes are Pad Thai on the left, some kind of squid with vegetables on the right. I already scarfed-up my green curry by this time as it’s barely visible in the bottom center. Our favorite Thai resturant in town, Orchid Thai Cafe, is closed for the entire month so we’re going through our back-up places. Today it was a place in the Kona Inn shopping center which was okay, but we still favor OTC.

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