Kohala Mountain Hop

A day in the Kohala Mountains a bright, breezy, cool and beautiful afternoon. I was told the day before it was pouring rain, today people were happy to be sweating in the sunshine.

Randy Quander of Big Island Television goofs around as he gets ready for a commercial shoot on the ranch. Randy shoots, edits and directs video productions. I believe he’s also a inline hockey coach in Kona which helps to satisfy his Canadian fix for hockey games. Actually I’m not sure if he’s still coaching (I think it was the Kona Rink Rats).

Randy gets set-up for his shoot. With the advent of MiniDV tape format the equipment has shrunk to smaller and smaller sizes. Better than carrying around a huge Betacam or worse yet 3/4″ tape deck and camera, yuk. Randy has been on the Big Island for over a decade and has shot just about everything here.

Laura gives an ATV a try-out for a possible future ride. The ranch has converted an indoor gun range into an ATV barn. The ground is still littered with spent .22cal casings and a few peppered targets can be found in there.

A panoramic view from on Kahua Ranch. The hill in the center is an area where Kamehameha I supposedly trained his warriors.

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