Dawn of the Dead…car

Okay, I figured, no problemo. Just call my mechanic, have the car towed there and drop it off to get fixed. Wrongo. My mechanic’s phone is disconnected and his shop’s name isn’t listed with the 411 operator anymore…always a bad sign. Did he secretly sabatoge cars and skip town? Wild thoughts go through my mind that he’s probably locked in a padded room with a strait-jacket babbling something about hating to fix cars, fix people’s problems, etc.

Back to reality. I called the tow-company, hitched a ride with Karen back to Andrea’s and had the tow-wagon take my car to Kona Muffler, a supposedly honest auto shop near the newspaper. Bummer, they’re closed on the weekends, I guess mechanics have to have a life too. So I drop the key in their door along with an explanation of what’s wrong then Karen, Andrea and myself go in search of food again. Damn, why are we always eating?

Breakfast was at Aloha Angel Cafe in Kainaliu. I announce on the drive up there that the multi-grain bread with breakfast is excellent, Andrea announces that she doesn’t like bread with chunks in it. But the chunks turn out to be tiny in the toast (I think it’s cornmeal) and Andrea likes it. Here’s my breakfast, I had already started digging-in before deciding to take a cameraphone photo. This is the Greek Omelette breakfast. Very tasty and I’d recommend them as a nice place for breakfast.

I skipped out of work today, will probably take it as a Time Off With Pay (TOWP) day, or perhaps use comp-time I have. I have a few choice things to say about TOWP, some good, some bad. But the other photog told me to take the day off to deal with the broken car business. So after breakfast I was dropped-off, stranded at home to deal with fixing a broken computer, which I got running swimmingly. It sucks to be without wheels.

Karen and Andrea had asked me where they could adventure that day, they wanted me to go along but the broken computer needed attention. I suggested a hike down a trail to the Captain Cook monument. I had done it before long ago. It’s from about 1,300 feet elevation down to sea level and of course back again. It also affords a view of the rugged coastline, a close-up look at the Captain Cook monument and some nice snorkling near the monument. So off they went. The suggestion was my bad as you can read about mis-adventure day on Karen’s blog, look for her Sunday, April 25th post.

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