Moving Day, Party Night

Tall Andrea “Chula” takes a break before treating me, Brian and Karen to lunch. Thai food was our reward for helping her move into her new barrio down south. The food was a welcome return of Orchid Thai Cafe which has been closed for a month as the owners went on vacation. We feasted on Green Curry, Pad Thai and Spicy Chicken with Thai Basil and summer rolls. If you come to Kona drop in for lunch or dinner, it’s in the same building as Kailua Candy Company so you can have spicy food then candy as dessert. Click on the link for a directions to their building. It’s right across from West Hawaii Today.

Brian and Chula at El-Ron and Jim’s casa as a party winds down. A good turn-out for a party, not surprising as Jim accidently got his email addresses crossed and invited the entire staff of the high school he teaches at to the party instead of just 5 or 6 folks it was meant to go to. About 50 people attended in various waves during the night. Lots of food and drink including some Italian raspberry liquor Jim got on his European vacation last summer. Sweet stuff that had berries in it, tasted like it would be good on shave ice or vanilla ice cream.

Brian tries to swallow my camera cellphone.

Before the party during the afternoon I got down to the walking path to register for the latest fitness challenge with Friends for Fitness. It’s to do 50 miles during the month of May at the Makaeo walking path. Should be no problem huh? After all I did 50 miles in one week during the last challenge. This time it’s an individual challenge, not a team thing so we’re all on our own. Now where did I leave my running shoes?

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