Drug abuse and the consequences

Today a co-worker that I went to high school with asked me if I remembered a girl named Robyn . I said I didn’t remember her but the name sounded familiar. She graduated a year ahead of me so she wasn’t in my class other than the band which all three of us played in. He mentioned it because she had been found beaten to death on Oahu this past week.

An update to the story revealed the how brutal the murder was. We wondered out loud what could have happened to this girl that he described as your “normal local Japanese girl” in high school who played in the band with us. She married her high school boyfriend, Daryl, after high school hence the name change.

One can only wonder at how her life changed between high school and her death. The news story indicates drugs playing a role in her death. Anything can be abused to the point of ruining someone’s life, drugs, food, sex, the internet, etc. Many folks can indulge in recreational habits in moderation but there are few folks that just can’t. I don’t know the circumstances of what happened beyond the newspaper reports but it sounds like drug abuse by those charged in the murder probably played a part. I don’t want to stand on a soap-box about drug use…when you get down to it, it was a murderer that killed Robyn, not drugs. Here’s a photo of her from my old yearbook may she rest in peace.

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