Jesus Juice

Jesus watches over Chula’s cooking area in the Goddess Lair to keep us safe.

I should have taken a photo of the rental car I got today. I finally let Mike get his old Jimmy 4×4 back so he could use it to launch his boat at the harbor, plus it was leaking like a sieve in the pouring rain. I rented a compact for a week over the internet and when I got to the rental company they were all out of compacts. My choices were a PT Cruiser, MiniVan or a big town car. I didn’t want a gas guzzler that’s big to park so I skipped the ‘pimp-mobile’ town car and passed on the mommy mini-van so I got the PT Cruiser. I was already 1 hour late to meet Chula at Costco so I was in a hurry when they shuttled me over to the car lot. The PT Cruiser turned out to be this orangey-red car with flames painted on the sides. The girl at the counter said I could change it later to a different car if I wanted and I was late so I drove off in the flamebouyant vehicle.

When I got to Costco and mentioned my ride to Chula she said she wouldn’t be caught dead in a PT Cruiser, let alone one with flames on the side. I agreed, not exactlly a low-key car for a newspaper photographer. I mean, someone actually paid extra for that paint scheme? It’s called Flames on Inferno Red according to this linked website. Yuk. So after I parted with Chula I called the rental company and asked to exchange for a different car, I needed something low-key, not ‘hey look at me’ in color. My choices were now pimp-mobile or mommy minivan. I asked for the pimp.

At the rental lot a guy working there asked me what kind of car I had ordered online and I told him ‘compact.’ A Dodge Neon, white in color, had just been returned by a customer and I would get that. So now I’m in a economical, pedestrian white Dodge Neon sedan. Sometimes it’s just better to be average.

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