Funfetti and Fitness

Yesterday Chula had a craving for cupcakes, not any cupcakes, Funfetti cupcakes. Okay, I’m old, I’ve never heard of Funfetti cupcakes but she seemed to know exactlly what they were and asked me to pick up a box and the matching frosting at KTA supermarket. Then she came over and we made some cupcakes, okay she did most of the work but I did stir the batter, set the timer and eat a few. The cupcakes in the photo above were at work today as she brought in the leftovers along with some salsa and chips to everyone’s delight.

To alleviate the guilt of eating cupcakes I hit the walking track with Karen. I’m sure we must have worked-off, three or maybe four of the little colorful sprinkles baked into the cupcakes or on the frosting.

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