Ono, outdated and outstanding

Today lunch was at Quinn’s Almost By The Sea resturant. When you see the fresh ono on the menu for the fresh fish of the day that means it’s a great time to either get a fish sandwich (I like it cajun style) or fish ‘n chips. I opted for the ono fish ‘n chips. The stuff tastes great but after the 2nd piece of fish you start to realize how much batter and oil you’re eating. Karen and I decided that the next time we order fish ‘n chips we’ll split a single order as there’s just too much to eat in one sitting.

Here’s just some of the stuff in our darkroom at work, this stuff is outdated now that we’ve gone digital and I have no doubt this stuff, much of which I personally own, will be cleared out to make room for our growing department. We’ll be moving a workstation into this space so it won’t exactlly be very dark anymore.

Finally, on way home I turned down my road and had to pull over for this outstanding view of a Kona sunset (that’s my rental car on the right). It wasn’t going to be a clear sky to watch the sun sink into the ocean but I liked the colors and clouds.

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