I’ve been Googled

Just an observation. I noticed that lots of folks have been hitting this blog through Google. If you type-in the words big Kahuna burger picture or maybe the keywords Lokelani McMichael picture into Google and hit return you’ll find this blog page. Sorry folks, you won’t find a photo of either of those things here, not quite false advertising but but it just goes to show how deep Google’s search engine goes.

Okay, if you’re really that desperate to see Loke I have a video of her in her underwear here. Not that there’s anything revealing about it as there are better photos of her on her homepage.

Loke’s a sweet gal and we see her often in Kona when she’s in town. She’s not hard to find, just go to, or better yet participate in local running or swimming events or visit the family store Pacific Vibrations. Now if we can just convince her to come out for karaoke night, I hear she’s been practicing.

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