A Pair of Page Designers

Chula hoists a glass of Kona Brewing Company’s Golden Ale at Durty Jakes.

We had originally gone to Hard Rock Cafe with Carley, our new page designer, but the waitress there said they didn’t serve pitchers of beer. In fact our waitress misinformed us that nobody serves pitchers of beer, not Durty Jakes, not Bubba Gumps, no pitchers at other bars. Yeah right, we’ve had pitchers of beer at most other bars so we left.

Here’s Carly, our new page designer at work having a glass of Golden Ale at Durty Jakes, her first try for Kona Brew. She just flew in from the west coast that day after driving across country from the east coast to ship her car off.

Our staff is getting to full strength, we’re still waiting on a reporter and an editor for North Hawaii News to show-up. Plus a good chance of two interns this summer. Aaron Kehoe from the Brooks Institute of Photography will probably be our photo intern though a program set-up with his instructor PF.

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