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Date or Daughter?
If you see Rosie (that’s the guy on the left) around town with this beautiful 19 year-old girl you can humor him as being ‘da man’ or you can know the truth that it’s a friend of his son that’s visiting the Big Island. Rosie is the local public access channel sports video guy and he was at the rodeo in Honokaa for Memorial Day weekend. The gal, didn’t get her name, didn’t have anything to do so she decided to tag along. Rosie put her to work by making her fetch camera batteries when she wasn’t enjoying the rodeo action. Actually she was a very sweet gal, and I guess Rosie is still ‘da man’ anyway…his son is on the mainland.

Hoku and her fiance Chris at Durty Jakes. Hoku was a reporter at WHT before moving to Oahu to work for a PR firm and hooking up with Chris. The two were actually classmates at HPA and were on the Big Island for a grand HPA reunion for all alumni.

Andrea and Carly joined us at Durty Jakes after a very long day putting together West Hawaii Today’s first broadsheet issue. Starting June 1st we’re a broadsheet paper instead of a tabloid. Much stress and rushing around is being done to get us up to speed on putting together the new product.

Our new sports editor Joe joined us for a drink. He’s been put through the ringer learning how to put together WHT as a tabloid only to later have to learn it all over again putting together the broadsheet. A long night for both him and the page designers at work.

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