Dante’s Inferno and Deconstruction

Poncho and Andrea get ready to leave the Kona Brew Pub after some dinner. Poncho and I had nothing stronger than iced-tea, you can’t support the liquor tax revenues every night.

Maile grabbed my camera and strained to shoot this sunset afterglow over a rock wall. Those are the coconut trees at Hulihee Palace.

I got an unhappy call from Carly. She said someone smashed into her car and here she is just as she pulled up back at the office. She went to the mini-mart to grab a soda and a gal reversed into her driver’s side door despite her being parked and her blasting her horn at the gal.

Another shot of her car “Dante” with the smash. The gal who hit her had some huge white SUV which explains the white paint streaked onto her door.

One of Kona’s finest drops by the office for the belated police report. Note that this cop drives a Mustang. Because most officers drive private vehicles you see all kinds of cars with their blue lights on them: Mustangs, Z-28s, SUVs, Trans-Ams, etc. You can’t get away from these cops if you try to speed to get away or go four-wheeling. They’ll come after you.

And the deconstruction of the darkroom has finally begun. The deconstruction guys tear the place apart.

This is what the darkroom used to look like.

The deconstruction crew hauls away hundres of pounds of darkroom cabinets, walls and support beams.

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