Comfort Food

Ah, pizza. Half Garden of Eden, half mushroom at Mahina Pizza. A good pizza hidaway for those who don’t want the hustle and bustle of Kona Brew Pub.

Maile gets ready to dig into the ‘shroom side of the pizza.

Maile and I were in a pizza mood, must have been the late night pizza offered by Travis which really surprised Maile as being good. She said the last time she had a frozen pizza many years ago it was terrible. I explained how great advances in frozen pizza technology had occured since then. She was also suprised how good Mahina Pizza was and why she had never eaten there before (she’s been gone for about 6 months, Mahina Pizza has been open about 8 months).

Maile is the reason this blog was started, so she could see what was going on in Kona while in China. Does she really need to see what’s going on now that she’s here?

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