Like old times

It was like old times seeing Maile working in Middle Earth Bookstore again. She’s a natural at it and always has an answer for anyone entering with a question about books, life or the universe. I on the other hand, while minding the register for Maile, got an older guy that insisted that the bookstore must not be that old since it was named after the movie (Lord of the Rings) and Middle Earth. I told him it’s been around for quite awhile and was named after the books by J.R.R. Tolkien, but he insisted it was named after the movie as he had never heard of the books and the bookstore must have only had the name for a year or two.

Maile’s filling-in during her summer vacation here in Kona.

And who happens to show-up just at closing time but Walter the cat. Because Maile has been in China I haven’t been to the bookstore much and I hadn’t seen Walter in awhile, we were wondering if he was still around. Walter can go missing for days only to reappear at his leisure. Here he saunters into the bookstore as we try to get the place closed-up after getting the bookstore sign inside.

Walter walks past the register counter and heads for an area behind it with tall stacks of cat food tins.

Walter sucks-up to Maile as she gets a bowl for him with cat food, a mushy mix of Friskies and water. Although she claims to be allergic to cat fur Maile has a soft spot for Walter.

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