Smashing Baby!

This pick-up truck put the smackdown on a utility pole on Hualalai Road which cut-off power to areas of Kona. Aaron and I were on our way to Brian’s place to welcome him back from vacation and check-out all the photos he shot along with enjoying some tequila and Kona Brews.

Because I’m techincally on vacation I pieced together some of my gear for Aaron to blast away at the accident site. Here he scurrys under utility lines that we assume are turned-off (at least the electric company guy indicated that). The pole was still shifting and you could hear it buckle against the ground as it moved.

Time for some close-ups. He must be thinking “I’m doing pretty good hand-holding this 5 second exposure, just a few more…shit where did that flash come from?”

More creative angles on the scene.

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