Vote early, and vote often.

I was the 46th person to vote at my polling place, it said so on the ballot reader. This flag was hanging in Waimea at another polling station. A rather placid day at the polls. I took photos at this polling place in Waimea and I think folks were getting bored since business was so slow. 5p.m. and about 40% of the registered voters for that poll had voted by then.

When I worked at the Rehab hospital on Oahu it was great on election days. If you brought in your voting stub into the cafeteria they’d give you free ice cream as a reward.

As an employee at that hospital I remember having all kinds of health benefits for free… cancer insurance, full health and dental, emergency room, death and dismemberment. We figured that to really collect you’d need to lose a hand or something, it just didn’t pay in the dismemberment plan to loose just a finger. It was a great learning experience to work there and I will always remember the good folks i worked with and my patients.

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