Super-Concentrated, Ultra Flavor

Went for lunch today at the Kohala Ohana Grill. We did a story about this place before, they have the unusual system of filling orders. You find a table you want, the waithelp brings you this menu sheet (or you can grab one yourself) which you fill-out and drop-off at a window near the cashier, they take that and bring your food to your table. A strange system that appears to work as it cuts down on the time workers spend hovering around the tables so service is pretty fast.

A close-up of the menu reveals another oddity at this restaurant, Dorito Salad. See next photo.

Dorito Salad is a tossed salad with a very rich dressing, grated cheese and crushed Dorito chips. I wouldn’t consider this salad to be lite lunch fare but in Hawaii we have so many different types of food the tastebuds of local folks tend to favor industrial strength flavors. Not delicate flavorings, more like the way industrial cleaning products come these days, not watered-down, just Ultra power. My family restaurant in Honolulu tends to be on the industrial strength flavor side.

Here’s the Korean Chicken plate I ordered. Rice, Dorito Salad and Korean Chicken. Industrial strength flavor, pretty good.

I’m not sure what’s going to happen with this restaurant. When they started it had three families involved, now it’s just down to one. One or two days a week it also used to be a Thai restaurant, kind of a split personality of a business. It was only open for lunch from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. a ridiculously short span of time. What they should have done was open at 11:30am for lunch and put flyers on cars at the high school track meet a couple of miles away to get customers. They would have had a bunch of customers, as it was I was the sole customer for lunch, I shot this photo as I left and they closed the door behind me.

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