Puppet president or just bad tailoring?

No photo today, but I couldn’t help reading on Salon Magazine about the possibility of President Bush being hooked-up to a radio receiver for his debate answers. It really struck me as odd when I watched the first debate, the way Bush would have his turn to answer and would take a long, uncomfortable pause like he had to think, but maybe he was just listening for his answer to give. It was really uncomfortable, I wanted to yell at the screen “Say something. Say anything! Ah, maybe don’t say anything. Say something intelligent!”

You can see a photo of a rectangular object under Bush’s jacket at and more commentary at

I know this is old news since I’m posting this blog entry late but in today’s New York Times online reporter Katharine Q. Seelye says in her real-time report during the second debate Did Kerry just swipe Bush’s back to see if there was a transmitter? Looks like Kerry reads the conspiracy blogs too.

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