The sounds of Xmas

Tried to find a nice air-conditioned, quiet place to have a latte and type on my laptop so I went to Starbucks in Kahala Mall (the first Starbucks supposedly in Hawaii, actually I think the one in Barnes & Noble came first). Got a nice Gingerbread Latte and since it was a weekday it wasn’t very crowded for once at Starbucks. So I went to work on my novel (that’s another story) and was banging out paragraphs, if not pages, then the real banging started.

Behind me in the mall was this army of workers on a putting together a two-story tall metal Christmas tree, I think this is one of those that is composed of potted poinsettia plants. I think this thing is held together with metal bolts that needed to be pounded into place. Metal on metal banging which was pretty relentless and annoying. When I finally turned around to get a video clip with audio the guy stopped banging his hammer, so no audio but here’s a frame-grab from the video. It must be getting near Christmas.

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